Deckert Financial Management INC.


Kevin P. Deckert, CFP, President & Founder and Alex Casas, IAR & Operations Director

Financial Peace of Mind

Our PURPOSE is to act as the fulcrum for our clients’ financial well being, coordinating and facilitating their investment, business, retirement and estate planning needs.


Our mission at Deckert Financial Management is to serve our clients as a true fiduciary. We will work diligently, objectively, and with integrity to put the client’s needs first, and to always focus on what is in the client’s best interest.



Deckert Financial Management

We believe that as a firm with 26 years of continuous experience, we bring a perspective that only comes with age and comprehensive research. We add human capital (knowledge) to your assets. As a fee-only advisory firm, we do not earn money on the sale of securities for our clients’ portfolios, therefore there is no conflict of interest in our recommending financial planning actions or what combination of securities creates the best portfolio to meet a client’s goals.

This diligence and objective management offers our clients true “Peace of Mind” in
all economic environments.

Kevin P. Deckert, CFP




Deckert Financial Management INC., is registered in the following states: Virginia, Maryland and Texas



Financial Peace of Mind